Harmonia Academy: Workshops, recipes and practises

The following workshops, practices and recipes constitute our proposal for a harmonious and healthier lifestyle. The Harmonia offer is divided into four modules: physical, energetic, minfull and spiritual. Each module includes:

  • theory and practical based workshops
  • practices for daily life and 
  • recipes to influence concrete actions in the cultivation of health.

The videos or courses labelled as “Harmonia” are created by Francesc Miralles while other labels may belong to other practitioners who add value to this lifestyle academy.


Information regarding the physical body, muscle-skeletal system and healthy movement.

Workshops: Harmonia Postural Self-Assessment, and rebalance, detailed meridian stretching, Yangsheng I (Health Cultivation I)

Practices: Basic yoga-stretching class, Harmonia fitness class…

Recipes: Selective stretching, towel stretching, foam roll… 

X Courses


Activities on how to cultivate metabolic and defensive health, adding quality of life to longevity.

Workshops: Harmonia energy cuisine, Harmonia healthy herbs and supplements, Harmonia beauty, Yangsheng II (Health Cultivation II)

Practises: Detox-plan, self-massage, body sculpturing, fasting.

Recipes: Harmonia menu, herbal remedies…  

Y Courses


Activities on how to harmonise the mind, releive stress and unwind.

Workshops: Yangsheng III (Five Steps to Harmonise the Mind – Heatlh Cultivation III), mindulness and introduction to meditation

Practises: Daily meditations on different aspects (Courage, Joy, Relax, Hope, Strenght, Harmony, Forgiviness, Connection…)

Recipes: Hiperventilation control, 4-7-8, 


Z Courses


Activities to find the reason of our life.

Workshops: Yangsheng IV (Ikigai, The Reason to Wake Up – Health Cultivation IV), symbolic systems and images in meditation.

Practises: Ikigai Coaching.

W Courses

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