Warming the Sun and Dissipate the Clouds


According to the Chinese Medicine theory of Sanjiao or the Three Burners, the metabolic activity relies on the Fire of the Gate of Vitality, called Mingmen Huo in Chinese. Mingmen means the origin of both the sexual function and metabolic activities, including digesting and eliminating, absorbing, transporting, and preventing the accumulation and blockage. Mingmen is comparable to the Sun, ruling the Solar System and being the source of the life in the Earth. Because an unhealthy lifestyle we overuse our Mingmen and becomes progressively weaker until is not enough to carry on with the basic digestive duties, showing up the first signs of waste accumulation: weight increase, fluid retention, bloating, increase of several indexes in blood, for instance cholesterol, sugar, triglycerides and sometimes even insulin (what is called metabolic collapse).

If the Sun is weak the Clouds – metaphor for waste, fluids, fats… accumulated – cover the sky. The weather becomes damps and heavy and all sort of activity becomes a hard challenge for our will.

In Harmonia, Warming the Sun and Dissipate the Clouds means activate the metabolic activity and helping actively to eliminate the waste (solid and liquid), re-activating the Fire of the Gate of Vitality, draining the internal Humidity, activate the energy and blood circulation as well as regulating their flow. Moxibustion together with Tummy Herbal Therapy, Far Ultrasound therapy, the Holistic Acupressure Treatment, Harmonia Fluids Drainage, herbal teas and supplements, the exercise techniques (Yoga Taichi, Qi Gong…) and the personalized diet are the basic pillars of this therapeutic principle.


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July 5, 2014