Harmonia’s 3P

Product personalization protocol.

Our customer is truly unique and this principle remains ‘active’ everyday she’s/he’s with us. By the other hand, Harmonia programme as well as the healing power of the wonderful properties where Harmonia is implemented, produce daily changes in our in-program clients. That’s why a consistent daily follow-up is crucial but also a constant adaptation of diet, therapy and even the products we use for the bodywork treatments.

– Some Spa brands perform an smell test to help the customer choose the massage products, we don’t believe in this method although is harmless for the health of the customer. In Harmonia we have adapted several muscle test to measure and adapt the visceral changes produced by the powerful essences obtained through unique alchemical methods as well as floral elixirs. In other words, we are ready to read the body reactions to certain products and use this information – together with the healing properties of essential oils – as part of the experience. Every session we test and adapt all the products used for the bodywork therapy: Oils, creams, masks…

– We strongly believe in food. And for food we mean real food, not supplements of food substitutes that may lead to unhealthy habits and psychological disturbances if used long-term. For us, there is a way of eating for every person and we help our customers how to find out that way. Personalizing the food is the only way to experience how should be a healthy lifestyle. There is also another reason to easy any diet programming, specially if the objectives are cleansing-detox. Sometimes the rigidity and restrictive characteristics of cleansing programs are their own enemies: A good cleansing is impossible without enough metabolic energy needed to eliminate. A cleansing program should be implemented in a wise (and experienced) way.

– Herbal teas and infusions are the blast that the body needs to get a little extra in a cleansing or detox. Sometimes we need to calm the anxiety produced by the restrictions in the diet, or uncomfortable the caffeine withdraw. Sometimes herbal teas may be used to improve the fluid elimination… Our herbal formulas are, of course, individualized and the blends are designed by Francesc Miralles after his long experience of treating successfully using Chinese and Western herbs. None of the herbs used in Harmonia is dangerous or prohibited, our success comes from our expert use of several hundreds of herbs and formulas, not because miraculous and sometimes dangerous shortcuts.

We personalize all the Harmonia products through an established protocol, that we call 3P.


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June 21, 2014