Harmonia herbal teas and supplements


Francesc has been using Chinese and Western herbs for more than 30 years; his grandfather knew a big deal of the local herbs and their medical usage and this knowledge – widely increased with the addition of the Easter herbal medicine experience – is going to be inherited Miralles family and his best students. Francesc has written 3 books about Chinese herbal medicine (in Spanish) and work for more then 20 years combining herbs, diet, acupuncture, massage and energy balance therapies, helping thousands of people to recover their health. Living in Mauritius for 2 years has enriched Francesc’s knowledge with the uses of many or the Ayurvedic herbs or what we can call ‘tropical’ herbal therapy, the use of ayapana, noni, galangal, lemongrass, betel, patchouli, papaya, neem… also present in Indonesia, Thailand, South East Asia, Malaysia, Vietnam…

In Harmonia, as we always are proud to say, the sense of place is a key aspect of the program, absorbing the experience concerning local food and herbs to be incorporate into the therapy and integrated into the global natural therapy experience.



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July 5, 2014