Enjoy Harmonia in your favorite place

A healthy and personalised experience delivered to your door

An exclussive wellbeing experience to be shared with your family and friends



Please, tell us your objectives, if you are thinking in a detox and cleansing journey or just a healthy guideline to be implemented at home, a fasting and strong weight control program or a spiritual journey focused on disconnection and self discovery.

Available for 1-3 weeks, including meal plan, cookbook, 6 hours of exclusive treatments per day, exercise guideline, lifestyle coaching… A whole high-end system to be implemented in a house.





Once we have all the formalities regarding the retreat solved, it is the time to know more things about you. Our team, according to the information provided by our clients, for instance, general health condition, allergies, intolerances, restrictions… elaborates a first draft of the program of the retreat in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

The draft and the objectives are re-evaluated by both sides and adapted to the main requirements.



A member of Harmonia by Francesc Miralles travels to the place of your choice to guide the retreat.


The time to enjoy is already there. Have fun and good health!


Once you have tried we are pretty convinced that you’ll book another retreat soon after.

Please, contact us to find more about Harmonia Private Retreats.

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