Harmonia: the natural path towards health

Harmonia: the natural path towards awareness

Harmonia: the natural path towards feeling better

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles: Branding the culture of wellbeing

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles can be defined as a wellbeing method based upon natural healing traditions and modern therapy research, to be implemented locally prioritizing identity and availability. Harmonia’s culture is deeply rooted in the respect to the planet, keeping a sustainable development and a social action involved in the wellbeing of the local community.

Merryam-Webster dictionary defines culture as “a way of thinking, behaving, or working that exists in a place or organization”. This is the main objective of Harmonia, creating a way of thinking and behaving based on a natural and healthy lifestyle, to be adopted by an organization and delivered to our customers.

The philosophy of Harmonia

In short, Harmonia by Francesc Miralles follows the Balinese philosophy principles integrated in Tri Hita Karana or The Three Causes of Wellbeing, according to which wellbeing arises naturally when the social harmony, the harmony with the environment and the spiritual harmony are also balanced…

The Concept

Harmonia can be adopted as a method for 7-10 day healthy holiday – or detox retreat – but also as a individual coaching tool to review and restructure a healthy lifestyle valid for everyday.

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles is a comprehensive method delimited by five paths…

Harmonia Decalogue

The “Ten Pillars of Harmonia” are our internal Decalogue, summarizing the basic ethical and metaphysical principles of Harmonia by Francesc Miralles.

This principles were transmitted orally by master to student, following the traditional way.

For hospitality companies and private investors:

This is the first step towards establishing an authentic wellbeing concept for your company, proven and internationally awarded. If you are interested in developing a comprehensive wellbeing culture to be adopted by your company or you are looking for a wellbeing concept to empower a new resort Unique Selling Point (USP), please contact us through the form below.

For private customers:

Please, feel free to contact us to find more about Harmonia Private Retreats.

Information about Harmonia by Francesc Miralles

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