Harmonia by Francesc Miralles’ Decalogue


1. There are many ways to the same destination

There is not a unique method, neither a miraculous diet nor a single product suitable to everyone. Not even this method.

2. Respect to the uniqueness

As individuals, each of us must be defined in a particular way, like the unique patters forming the veins of a jade stone. Everyone must be accepted the way he-she is. Respect to everyone should is the top principle.

3. The environment helps us to develop our potential

Each human is a champion, a winner, standing in the race for survival from the time immemorial. Humans are able to give the best of our genetics when we meet in the proper physical environment and the right energy.

4. Love is economy

Love is not just a civilized attitude to drive our lives. When love is governing the mindset any system is working more efficiently. Love must be the foundation of any long-lasting project.

5. The Way is awareness

Awareness is the dial wheel to synchronize with love and happiness. The way to awareness flows through energy, humor, wisdom, simplicity and beauty.

6. Dogmas are not allowed here

Dogmatic knowledge must be, by principle, unaccepted because dogmas make jails, and life is fun. All the aspects of the Human Being should be experienced beyond intellectualization and with a healthy sense of humour.

7. I don't heal or cure

I do not heal or cure, I only guide. I can cure myself but nobody else can do so.

8. The "Beyond" must be experienced

The Human Being is a complex global entity. Body, body function, mind and soul are existing simultaneously; dissecting one of these parts to be observed in an isolated way only makes sense for learning purposes. In addition to the mentioned, there is one more aspect, the most mysterious and private, what we call “beyond”. The “beyond” should never be defined, only experienced.

9. Welcome life-changing experiences

A treatment can never match the intensity and life-changing effect of an aware experience. The deepest we experience the soonest we transform and transform our chaos into a blossoming garden.

10. Find your own Way

The Universe is friendly and life has a purpose. Find it.