Harmonia by Francesc Miralles

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles

The natural path toward health, awareness and feeling better.

Quote from Andy Warhol

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself

Discover Harmonia by Francesc Miralles

A well-being programme awarded by Harper’s Bazaar Singapore 2014.

Welcome to the step in the right direction

About Francesc Miralles

El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona, 6 May 1965. Creator and developer of Harmonia by Francesc Miralles.


Harmonia Blog. An addition to the media activity: facebook and linkedin.

Harmonia: The System

Harmonia by Francesc Miralles, the natural path towards health, awareness and feeling better. The engine of Francesc’s wellbeing culture.


A way to know from us. We promise not bothering too much with emails.

Private retreats

Increasing in popularity, from 1-3 weeks of detox and wellbeing culture to be delivered to your door.


Press room

Since Harmonia started in 2012 we have been blessed with very good press features.

The last posts in our blog

The Zhou Jing or Classic of Changes by Zhou. Part one.

The old oracle of Zhou (周). More than 25 years ago I remember seeing the "I Ching" for the first time through the bookshop window. I thought "mmm, the first chaeng” weird name for a book; I couldn't imagine at all that this old Chinese book would be one of my life’s...

2014: Just one and a half year later…

In February 2014, Harmonia received an award from Harper's Bazaar: Best Detox therapy in Mauritius. In March 2014, the online UK edition of the same magazine say about Harmonia in One&Only Le Saint Géran: Don’t miss The Harmonia well-being programme that was...

2014: South African market loves Harmonia

Since the excellent  journalist - and good friend - Debbie Hathway published a short feature in a South African specialized magazine, Harmonia became very popular in the hometown of the One&Only owner - at that time - Mr. Sol Kerzner. The Kerzner family visited...